ARTEPLASTICA s.r.l. - Plastic materials processing - Locality Trasanni Via Urbinate, 84  - 61029 - Urbino (PU) Tel.0722 4149 Fax 0722 327130 e-mail: All the picture and textual content of this site is property of arteplastica, it is forbidden even a partial reproduction. We work plastics since 1958. Our strengths are experience, professionalism, high technology. We  work on Plexiglas processing, laser cutting up to 3000x2000mm, using special glues or bonding,  ultrasonic bending and hot forming. We perform injection molding of technical and aesthetic with 10  presses from 45 to 350 tons. We can do thrmoforming of sheets of polystyrene, ABS, acrylic,  polyethylene, PETG and polycarbonate, finishing and milling with CNC machining centers 5-axes  up to 3500x1600x850mm. We realize wooden molds, resin and aluminum by 5-axis CNCs, taking  care of the whole product design, from three-dimensional model to make the mold till  the finished  object production. We produce displays, display cabinets, furnishings for shops and supermarkets,  accessories for lighting, furniture fittings and bathrooms, patented products for hairdresser, body  and fairings for electrical, sanitary ware, parts for industrial machines, parts for the automotive  industry, nautical and aeronautical, acrylic sheet, pst, abs and much more.