INJECTION MOLDING ARTEPLASTICA s.r.l. - Plastic materials processing - Locality Trasanni Via Urbinate, 84  - 61029 - Urbino (PU) Tel.0722 4149 Fax 0722 327130 e-mail: All the picture and textual content of this site is property of arteplastica, it is forbidden even a partial reproduction. We Inject molding of technical and aesthetic plastic materials such as nylon, PVC, polystyrene, ABS, polystyrene, polyethylene, polypropylene, PMMA, polycarbonate etc.. within the use of inserts. We assembly also with the use of ultrasound technology. We have 10 presses from 45 to 350 tons. We project three-dimensional design of the product with the opportunity of a rapid prototyping for an aesthetic and functional evaluation, we realize the steel or aluminum mold (for pre-series or for small amounts). Main types of articles that we produce with injection molding are: Modeling Items. Details for nautical and aeronautical. Articles for electrical and electronic equipment. Parts for industrial machines and vehicles. Items of shops furniture, supermarkets, offices, furniture and bathrooms. Containers and parts for cabinets and tool boxes.