HAIRDRESSER ARTICLES ARTEPLASTICA s.r.l. - Plastic materials processing - Locality Trasanni Via Urbinate, 84  - 61029 - Urbino (PU) Tel.0722 4149 Fax 0722 327130 e-mail: All the picture and textual content of this site is property of arteplastica, it is forbidden even a partial reproduction. We produce, thank to our exclusive patent, accessories for hairdressers, with a view to facilitate   their work these accessories have been designed and tested with their same collaboration. "Eolo" is a series of vents which,  thanks to their concave shape,  allow to obtain a perfect drying in a very short time. This series is accompanied by a pair of reductions rubber in order to be engaged in any type of hair dryer on the market. "Volumix" is a series of curlers which,  thanks to its spring clip, allows to wrap any length of hair, especially those cropped. "Easy" are varying lengths brushes, whose function is to create curls very quickly without using  any curler. These products can be purchased individually or in a handy case kit. We also manufacture other products for the industry, such as bowls for products mixing, doses measure, protection for eyes and ears, and a handy portable shampoo basin. All products are customizable regarding  both materials and colours.