THERMOFORMING ARTEPLASTICA s.r.l. - Plastic materials processing - Locality Trasanni Via Urbinate, 84  - 61029 - Urbino (PU) Tel.0722 4149 Fax 0722 327130 e-mail: All the picture and textual content of this site is property of arteplastica, it is forbidden even a partial reproduction. We realize thermoforming of polystyrene sheets, ABS, Plexiglass, Polycarbonate, Polyethylene and Petg. WE Finishing the heathformed by numerically controlled milling 5 axis with an area of up to 3500x1600x850mm. We bond with special adhesives and ultrasonic welding. We realize  molds wooden, resin and aluminum by 5-axis Numerical Control. We manage the entire product design, three-dimensional model to make the mold to the finished object production . Main types of products we produce in thermoforming are: Items  for shops furniture, supermarkets, offices, furniture and bathrooms. Containers, frames and housings for electrical, electronic equipment and vehicles. Carter, body and protection for industrial machinery. Surface luminaries and accessories for the lighting industry. Containers and parts for cabinets and tool boxes. Covers for chairs, stools and chairs. Details for nautical and aeronautical. Items for display. We produce and sell the entire bodywork of the chair solarium shown in the first picture.